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API Strategy

The GSA API Strategy describes GSA’s direction for agency­-wide API design, development, architecture, operations and support, and security. We want to use public APIs to expose public data for transparency, data consumer engagement, and application development. We also want to use non-public APIs to promote system integration and migration of legacy systems. In all these efforts, we seek to adopt industry best practices for API design, development, and management.

API Strategy Implementation Approach

The following diagram demonstrates the three-pillar approach we are following to implement this strategy:

API Strategy image displaying the 3 pillars of Implementation

Pillar 1: External Customer Experience

Providing APIs and API documentation that fulfill the needs of customers. Designing from a user-focused perspective, rather than technology-focused. The GSA API Directory and Self-service API Documentation Hosting are the primary methods of implementing this. We also plan to implement Human Centered Design (HCD) techniques to enhance our developer experience.

Pillar 2: Internal Engagement

Building a community of API owners and practitioners inside GSA to develop APIs in a consistent fashion. The GSA API Standards, GSA API Guild, and GSA API Management Portfolio are key components of this pillar.

Pillar 3: Technical Architecture

Designing technology solutions for developing and hosting high quality APIs. Creating technical guides to assist teams in implementing APIs that follow the GSA API Standards.

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