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Applying Agile Practices - Agile Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources (HR) also manages complex projects and serves multiple stakeholders, often times with competing priorities that require consistent, effective strategies in their approach to communication, programs, administration, and talent management. Since 2012, “Agile HR” (Deloitte) has emerged as a popular discipline with the goal of empowering HR professionals to better “manage volatility, enhance adaptability, and strengthen the organization by applying Agile methodologies to their talent-management processes.”

According to the HR Trend Institute, “Agile HR” refers to:

  • a way of working and organizing of the HR function that facilitates responsiveness and adaptiveness of activities and structures,
  • facilitating the flexibility in matching workforce fluctuations to demand, and
  • the way the HR function supports the organization in becoming more responsive and adaptive.

With Agile HR, the traditional focus on control and alignment has shifted to a more Agile focus on speed of responsiveness and customers.

New Rules & Roles in HR Source: Agile HR presentation by Leigh Ann Shaffner

Human Resources is no longer limited to just implementing controls and standards to drive execution, but rather to facilitate programs and strategies that improve organizational agility, innovation, collaboration, and enhance decision-making. HRSG provides a few examples of how traditional approaches to HR must shift when using an Agile approach:

Agile HR Source: HR Trend Institute

Good Reads

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