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Requesting Software at GSA

Software Request Process Map


Occasionally you may need to use software that is not already available to you. We’ve created this resource to guide you in the process of requesting software at GSA.

Follow these simple steps below and view our interactive process map to get started.


Once you have identified a software need, discuss this with your supervisor and colleagues to get more information about what tool may be best to use. Be sure to check if the software you want is listed on the GSA EA Analytics & Reporting (GEAR) IT Standards list. Note: The GEAR site is only available within the GSA network.

Once you have identified the software you would like, you will need to take some time to gather all the information needed to request it.

Resources: GEAR (GSA internal users only)


You will need several pieces of information, like software purpose, cost, and a download link, to complete a software request. Follow this checklist to be sure you’ve gathered all the info you will need.

Resources: Software product checklist - (Google Sheet, .pdf)


Once you have gathered the info, it’s time to put in your request. To do this, select the Submitting a Service Catalog, Request for Software option in ServiceNow.

Resources: ServiceNow

Non-Standard Software Requests

If the software you are requesting is not listed as Approved on the IT Standards List in GEAR, it will need to go through the non-standard request approval process. This involves 2 additional reviews where the software is evaluated for Security vulnerabilities and Accessibility features. After these reviews are complete, the Technology Standards Committee (TSC) will provide their recommendation as to whether or not the software should be added to the IT Standards list. Finally, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) will approve or reject the request. If approved, the software will be added to the IT Standards List in GEAR. This process can take quite a bit longer than requesting software that is already approved in GEAR. Expect 4-6 weeks for software to be completely evaluated.

Pilot Software Requests

If you want to try out a software tool but aren’t sure if you want it to go through a full review yet, you may request to evaluate the software on a trial basis. This type of request is know as a Pilot. Pilot requests can be much faster to process, but there are several requirements it must meet in order to be considered for evaluation.

  • Pilot software must never be on a production network or contain sensitive federal data
  • The cost for a Pilot may not exceed $25k

Pilot requests require a Security review and will need to be approved by the TSC. If approved, GEAR will be updated to include the software information along with a status of Pilot. Approval for all Pilot software expires after 90 days. At the conclusion of the pilot, the requestor will need to provide to the CTO the following key outcomes:

  • Determination of whether or not the requester believes that the piloted technology is acceptable and should be a candidate for full approval
  • Path to attain full security, and Section 508 approval
  • Evidence that all costs have been identified and budgeted within the requesting office and as required by other affected offices, to include out-year operations and maintenance


After your software request is entered in ServiceNow, you will receive an email confirmation. Be sure to read that email since it will provide your service ticket number. Any follow-up communication will also be sent to you in email from the IT Standards Desk. Be aware that follow-up communications from the IT Standards team may be a request for missing information and should be answered promptly to keep your request moving along. You can review your request information in ServiceNow by viewing your open tickets. For any questions, contact the IT Standards Team at


It can typically take up to 2 weeks for a request to be completed for Standard software. After your software request is approved, the ticket is marked as closed and you’ll be contacted via phone or email by your local IT Service Desk. Remember, you can always check your ticket status in ServiceNow.


Once the software is approved, you will work with your local Contract Officer (CO) to purchase a software license. Reach out to your supervisor to identify the correct CO.


If you requested web-based software, you may go ahead and start using it. All other types of software will be installed by your local IT Service Desk within 1-2 business days of your request being approved. Contact the IT Service Desk at 1-866-450-5250 or for questions.


All software is assigned an expiration date. This date is when the software will be re-evaluated for GSA use. If software is discontinued, you will be notified via email. When you no longer need the software, please enter a ticket in ServiceNow to have it removed from your equipment.

Resources: ServiceNow


  • Standard software has previously been evaluated and approved to be included in the IT Standards List in GEAR. You must still put in a request for Standard software. This type of request typically takes 1-2 weeks to complete. Non-standard software has not been reviewed and must be fully evaluated for Security, 508 Accessibility, and Enterprise Architecture requirements. This review and evaluation process can take 4-6 weeks to complete.

  • Yes, you will still need to enter a ServiceNow ticket to request approved software. This initiates the process to have the Help Desk team install the software for you.

  • This depends on if the software has previously been reviewed and what status it has in GEAR. If the software has a status of Approved in GEAR it will typically take 1-2 weeks to complete. If the software has not been approved it can take much longer to evaluate, up to 4-6 weeks.

  • This information is required for a ‘new’ software request to ensure that the tool adheres to established GSA standards. The product must be reviewed for any Security vulnerabilities, and to determine if it is 508 (accessibility) compliant. The 508 VPAT document must be requested from the vendor. You can go to the vendor’s website and look for it, or you can look for a phone number and contact them directly.

  • To remove software from your laptop, you will need to submit a new ServiceNow ticket.

  • You can find this information in GEAR on the IT Standards List report. Log into GEAR and pull up the IT Standards List, select the Filter ‘Approval Expiration Date’. Type in your product name in the Search Bar and hit Enter for the results.

    • Approved-Preferred - GSA's preferred solution for a specific IT function (e.g., Document Mgmt). Unconstrained usage is allowed until a date to be determined by the TSC/CTO. You may request software with this status.
    • Approved-Maintain - acceptable for use until a date to be determined by the TSC/CTO. You may request software with this status.
    • Exception - the solution is not allowed for use other than under the predefined conditions resulting from the TSC/CTO decision. You may request software with this status.
    • Denied - software is not allowed for use within GSA. You may not request software with this status.
    • Proposed - a request has been submitted and is currently under review. You should wait for this software to complete final review before requesting it.
    • Sunsetting - the Technology has reached end of life and will be moved to Denied status. You may not request software with this status.
    • Pilot - the Technology is approved for only 'Pilot' purposes for limited duration. You may request software with this status.
    • Not yet Submitted - Technology in use at GSA but has not been through the approval process yet. You may request software with this status.
    • Grandfathered Exception - this is a recently added status recommended by CTO and Security. This status is used for technologies which are determined by CTO/TSC that they can be approved without going through the whole process. You may request software with this status.