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A website that provides guidance to GSA IT as it drives towards adopting modern IT practices. This guidance includes agile practices, modern IT development, open data, APIs, and information for GSA employees and potential new hires.
Picture of is the current developer portal for all GSA data, APIs, and code open to the public. The focus of this project is the redesign of the site, offering a new, user-focused experience emphasizing engagement with the public.
Picture of Open Opportunities
Open Opportunities is a site offering detail opportunities across government agencies. Agency representatives and current government employees can post/find opportunities to participate on various projects, usually IT oriented.
Picture of Federal Open Innovation Toolkit for Challenges and Prizes
Development of the Federal Challenges & Prizes Toolkit to fulfill the President's commitment to improve public services through support of open innovation by harnessing the ingenuity of the american public (as outlined in the 2nd Open Government National Action Plan).
Picture of National Staffing Application

National Staffing Application

An application within GSA managed by GSA IT Corporate Solutions providing data and reports pertaining to staffing. It allows for budget and personnel current views and forecasting.
Picture of GSA Open Source Software Policy

GSA Open Source Software Policy

Microsite dedicated to sharing the recently published General Services Administration’s (GSA) policy on open source software development and to communicate responsibilities to the organization for compliance with Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) open source policy.
Picture of GSA Open Gov Plan
Microsite dedicated to sharing the General Services Administration’s (GSA) 2016 policy on open government.


Sustainability Operations and Maintenance (SOM) tool.
Stage: Discovery

CTO Office: Implementing Agile

Implementation of an agile approach to manage all work within the Office of the CTO.

DevSecOps Working Group and GRACE

The DevSecOps Working Group is an initiative to encourage learning and application of DevSecOps principles across GSA. GSA Readily Accessible Computing Environment (GRACE) is an IaaS platform that provides application teams with a place to apply these DevSecOps practices.
Stage: Alpha