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The CTO Team

Cindy Smith

Digital Services IT Specialist

Ms. Smith began her Federal Career in January of 1989, starting out with the Marine Corps Finance Center, moving to the Finance Division, then Information Technology Service and the Office of the Deputy Regional Administrator. Cindy Smith is an IT Specialist for the Digital Services Division in the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO). Cindy was detailed to the Digital Services team in May of 2016, and after her detail ended she was permanently assigned to the team.

In her role as an IT Specialist, Cindy is responsible for managing the CTO’s budget and keeping management aware of all purchases/renewals/transfers. She is the Lead for GSA’s Open Data, and the publication of datasets that are available to both internal and external customers. Cindy is the Lead for the IT Standards team and manages requests for new software to go through the IT Standards approval process. Cindy is experienced with Salesforce, and ServiceNow and is taking on-line courses to increase her knowledge.

Cindy began her Federal Career in January 1989, bringing with her organizational skills, attention to detail, and a desire to help others. Throughout her long career with GSA she has managed budgets, created BI Travel reports for the CFO, set up travel for team members, and handled procurements. Cindy also planned the 1st Digital Services Division Hackathon, held at GSA Central Office.

Ms. Smith was a recipient of the Gears of Government Award, Agency Award for the publication of The Federal Real Property Profile Map. Ms. Smith has received several Performance awards and Special Act or Service awards for her work on Hackathons, and special projects. / Office of the CTO

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