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Photo of Jasmeen Bowmaster

Jasmeen Bowmaster

Director, Solutions Strategy Division

Jasmeen joined the CTO team in February 2019 and has led the development of GSA’s Cloud journey strategy, solutioning for Robotics Process Automation, piloting of various cloud services, and other emerging technology efforts. Jasmeen had received multiple GSA-IT awards, including the GSA IT CIO I3 Award and the GSA IT CIO Award for Excellence in Innovation. Jasmeen has worked inside and outside of government during her career, supporting large and small, commercial and government clients.

Jasmeen joined the CTO team from GSA’s CDO, Data to Decisions (D2D) team. Her focus on the D2D team was developing, implementing, and fostering adoption of GSA’s enterprise-wide data strategy, including advocating for open-data solutions and data transparency, building of data analytics solutions, establishing processes for data lifecycle management, establishing processes that adhere to data access and exposure guidelines, and working with data stewards to manage day-to-day dataset quality and establishing standards.