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Creating InSite pages with Joy Gatewood

Have you ever wondered how to create InSite pages? And perhaps why? And how you could maximize your InSite pages to improve acceptance of your program? Maybe you’ve wondered how you could create self help pages that for your customers - that also cuts down on phone calls, emails and meetings?

We’ll quickly walk through how to request an InSite page. Then provide a quick overview of GSA’s style guides that include federal guidelines and laws that you must keep in mind when creating online content.

Finally, we’ll show how helping customers complete their tasks on your InSite pages can improve customer satisfaction, and improve productivity and efficiency.

Slides will be shared that will go into more depth and include:

analyzing InSite page visits with Google Analytics analyzing searches and using the results to understand your customer’s keywords improving your InSite pages’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) using a shortcut - like - as an easy way to communicate with your customers and improve your branding using customer feedback - like “Rate This Page” to continuously improve your Insite pages by using the voices of your customer If you’re mystified by InSite and don’t know where to start this talk is for you. / Office of the CTO

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