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Manufacturing your infrastructure with Terraform with Aidan Feldman

“Ok, to set up this system, go to the EC2 page in the Console, then click ‘New Instance’. Oh, sorry, that button moved - go to the Instances page first. Go ahead and create- wait, you made the subnets already, right? What about the Security Groups?”

Sound familiar? Manual setup and configuration of infrastructure can be time-consuming, tedious, confusing, and error-prone. Computers are really good at following instructions - why don’t we let the computers follow the instructions for us? Better yet, what if there were a tool where we tell it what we want the infrastructure to look like, and it magically figures out how to build it?

This talk will make you wonder how you ever lived without infrastructure as code, and show how Terraform can be used to turn your devops up to 11. / Office of the CTO

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