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GSA IT Strategy with Balanced Scorecard

Have you ever read an IT Strategic Plan with jargon and buzzwords that left you scratching your head and saying, “What did I just read?”. When was the last time you referenced an IT Strategic Plan and remembered the goals, mission, or vision? An IT Strategic Plan should be clear, concise, and understandable to all audiences.

For our latest GSA IT Strategic Plan (FY 2018-2020,) GSA IT used a new strategic planning approach based on the industry best practice, Balanced Scorecard. The Balanced Scorecard is a system that connects an organization’s strategy with performance management and simplifies how we communicate what we are trying to accomplish. A key principle of the Balanced Scorecard is how we view our IT strategy through four perspectives - customers, stewardship ($), internal processes, and organization growth (our people, tools, and technology).

This TechTalk will discuss the new strategic planning process we took to develop the GSA IT Strategic Plan and involve over 75+ employees in the strategy sessions. / Office of the CTO

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