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Business and IT Collaboration

Technology and software are shaping industries and transforming the way business is done. As organizations evolve, business leaders are increasingly recognizing that continuous learning and responsiveness thrive only on collaboration and business engagement.

Business and IT collaboration

The Agile Manifesto emphasizes value on customer collaboration, specifically consistent interaction of the customer with the product at every phase of the development lifecycle. When used effectively, Agile frameworks can improve collaboration between leaders, managers, end-users and the development team. True agility enables business processes and engagement throughout the development process, resulting in the production and delivery of successful products that help end-users do their jobs better.

What is Effective Collaboration?

Collaboration Tools and Techniques

Supporting an organization’s move towards agility needs technological tools that minimize siloes and drive change in the organization. There are various tools and techniques that can be used to ensure business users are involved throughout the entire project lifecycle. Some noteworthy examples of Agile approaches and tools are highlighted below.

Agile Meetings and Activities

There are a number of regular activities and meetings that take place among Agile Team members and stakeholders that emphasize collaboration and the flexibility to adapt to changing business realities. Each meeting/activity in Agile methodologies has a specific purpose and multiple benefits. Below are some examples on how customers and business units can ensure engagement within Agile teams:

Technology Tools

Organizations are faced with the challenges to support distributed workers, attract global and mobile talent and connect a worldwide ecosystem of customers and project teams. A wide variety of software products are available for organizations to choose from, inline with their needs and unique organizational culture. To this end, technology resources need to support constant mobility, real-time, quality and reliable collaboration. Some examples of the top collaboration tools will provide organizations with the ability to:

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