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GSA Tech Guides

These guides are a collection of best practices that the GSA CTO team strives to follow. They include high-level strategy documents, practical project management approaches, and technology approaches based on the GSA CTO vision.

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Title Description
API Guides
API Standards
API Strategy
Agile Guides
A Guide: New to Agile?
Agile Contracts - Interview Questions for Agile Roles
Agile Adoption Challenges and Best Practices
Agile Contracts - Interview Questions for Agile Vendors
Agile Contracts- PWS Template
Agile Contracts- Task Order Template
Agile FAQs
Agile Investment - Proof Of Concept (PoC) Checklist
Agile Meetings - Goals and Benefits
Agile vs. Waterfall- Scope, Schedule and Cost
Business and IT Collaboration
Collaboration Across Agile Teams
How to Determine Projects Fit for Agile
Steps You Can Take [Today] to Succeed in Agile Delivery
Traditional Management Skills and Functions in an Agile Organization
Agile Adoption
Taking an Agile Investment Approach
Agile Investment - Discovery Phase Checklist
Agile Investment Overview
Establishing an Agile Team Working Agreement
Applying Agile Practices to Business Teams
Applying Agile Practices - Agile Human Resources (HR)
Applying Agile Practices - Agile Legal
Applying Agile Practices - Agile Marketing
Conducting an Agile Project Kick-off & Sprint 0 Session
Conducting an Agile Project
Conducting a Backlog Refinement (Grooming)
Conducting a Daily Scrum / Stand-up
Conducting a Release Planning
Conducting a Scrum of Scrums
Conducting a Sprint Planning
Conducting a Sprint Retrospective
Conducting a Sprint Review (Demo)
3 Steps to Develop an Agile Product Roadmap
Using the U.S. Digital Service Playbook
Writing Effective User Stories
Embracing Agile
Estimation and Story Pointing
Managing Requirements in an Agile Environment
Measures of Success in an Agile Organization
Popular Approaches to Agile Adoption
Defining When a Requirement is Complete
Use Case Examples
User Story Examples
Visibility & Status in an Agile Environment
Design Guides
U.S. Web Design System
UX Design
DevSecOps Guides
Building a DevSecOps Culture - from a Technical Perspective
DevSecOps Guide
Understanding the Differences Between Agile & DevSecOps - from a Business Perspective
What is DevOps?
Development Guides
Open Source Code
Team Guides
Running Tiger Teams
Meeting norms
Requesting Software at GSA