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Agile Investment - Discovery Phase Checklist

During the Discovery Phase:

  • Approved ‘concept’ gains definition
  • High-level analysis leveraging concept/problem definition and business case
  • Specific user-focused and, possibly, technology-focused problems are defined for exploration
  • Strategic direction and platform capabilities, e.g. analysis on strategic direction of IT investment, leveraging existing solutions, etc.
  • High-level wireframes, user engagement, interviews, etc.

Outputs from the Discovery Phase

  • Problem Statement
  • Completed Proof of Concept (PoC) request form
    • PoC scope defined
    • Approach defined for PoC
    • PoC Measures of Success
    • High-level features prioritized
    • Technical requirements to conduct PoC are identified and acquired, if PoC is to be pursued
  • Key personnel resources and skill sets identified and secured
    • Committed Team Member & Stakeholder participation
    • Product Owner from the Business Team identified and committed
    • Assigned Scrum Master
    • Agile coaching support and guidance approved
  • Users
    • Types of users of the new request identified (e.g. Employees only, employees and contractors, partners and public, etc)
    • Number of people the request will serve is estimated?
    • Type of user roles defined (e.g. One type of user, user and administrators, more than 2 types of users, etc.)
  • Data
    • Type of data the request will work with identified? (e.g. No Data, Structured Data OR/AND Unstructured Data)
    • Condition of the data specified? (e.g. format, data size, frequency of capture, current storage)
  • Security
    • PII or Payment Card Information secutiry need determined (e.g. credit card numbers)
  • Environment and Integration
    • Need for integration with other systems identified