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GSA Tech Playbooks

A playbook is a comprehensive guide on a technical topic, describing both overarching strategy and tactical approaches. This is a list of playbooks from across the federal government.

Title Description
18F Automated Testing Playbook A set of principles, practices, idioms, and strategies pertaining to automated software testing and its adoption.
18F Guides 18F provides a repository of best practices across their teams.
18F Partnership Principles 18F's approach to collaboration with agencies that have partnerships with 18F.
Database Transformation Playbook This playbook is designed to help you transform your database technology and overcome any obstacles on the way.
Digital Services Playbook US Digital Services playbook to help government build effective digital services.
Identity Playbook's playbook on identity management.
Robotics Process Automation This playbook is to serve as a brief overview of Robotic Process Automation and provide resources to sample 'bots,' GSA's github page, and resources.
Technology Business Management Playbook This playbook is designed to assist federal agencies as they start Technology Business Management (TBM) implementation. While each agency should tailor its TBM implementation to their organization’s current state and desired outcomes, the playbook offers guidance and lessons learned from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and the U.S. Department of Education.