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Agile Contracts- Task Order Template

This content provides contract language guidance and is intended to serve as a template for the government representative during the development of a Task Order under an Agile BPA. The sample language provided here can be used to clearly outline and communicate the high-level objectives and task-level delivery requirements of the intended product / service in line with an Agile delivery process. Additionally, this Task Order structure enables the government to allow contractors to work in a flexible way while maintaining high expectations for code quality and successful agile project management.

GSA Tech Guides also provides additional content and guidelines that delve further into and provide concrete tools/techniques on requirement breakdown and relevant sizing approaches to encourage delivery on an Agile project. Some example content include:

Moreover, Interview Questions for Agile Vendors and Specific Agile Roles contents provde further guidance for GSA staff on what to inquire and expect from contractors during the vetting process.


DOWNLOAD Task Order Template


[Provide background for the Task Order, outline why the contractor team would want to work on this and who the major user groups would be]


[Use this section to outline Objectives for the Task Order. Objective summarizes the Product feature in light of vision of the product and high-level technical functions, high-level business functions, Primary end-users and their high-level needs (if applicable), the development approach and description of systems to be used (if applicable), ongoing process for evaluating and determining changing scope]

Sample Objectives Statement

The [Applicant tracking system (ATS)] will enable the electronic handling of recruitment needs. The ATS will enable the organization to collect and store candidate and job related data, track and monitor the process of candidates through all stages of the hiring process. The product will support HR policies and federal regulations as applicable.

“Users and user needs will be prioritized based on business objectives / value and technical dependencies in [name of application used for managing the product backlog].”


[Provide scope of work for Task Order]

Sample Scope Statement

“The scope of this task order is for the Contractor to deliver the [name of product / feature of a system]"

Sample High-level User Scope in User Story Format

“As a job applicant, I want the ability to access a virtual job application so that I am able to edit, submit and track the status of my job application online”

“As an HR representative, I will be able to view applicants information and data online”

“As the hiring manager, I want the system to perform preliminary data validation checks on “required” questions, so that sufficient information is submitted for my review.”

“As a system security specialist, I want the system to “mask” user’s login credentials, so that the user’s security information is protected from possible system breaches.”

The scope also includes the technical and related project management activities such as but not limited to:

Roles and Responsibilities

[Add specific roles here]

DOWNLOAD the Performance Work Statement (PWS) Template for sample language on Agile Roles and responsibilities


[Add specific tasks here]

Sample Tasks Statement

“As part of this being purchased off of the Agile Blanket Purchase Agreement (aBPA), work will be conducted in two-week sprints and reviewed at the end of each sprint for acceptability and feedback"

Operational Requirements

[Add specific Personnel Skills and Knowledge]

Sample Sample Language on Skills and Knowledge

“The contractor shall provide qualified personnel with relevant experience and domain knowledge in line with this task’s performance work statement, in terms of necessary skills at the requisite level of knowledge and experience. Broadly, a team assigned to build the [product name] is expected to have experience with:"

[List relevant domain here] e.g. building and testing web-based or mobile applications: user-centric design practices, usability testing, User experience design, Visual design, Specific code languages, Cloud deployment, Open-source login / authentication services, Agile and scrum methodologies, etc.”

“Both COR + Tech Lead need to coordinate with vendor on setting up development and test environment and access to accounts prior to kick off."


[Add specific details here]

Also DOWNLOAD the Performance Work Statement (PWS) Template for sample language on Contractor deliverables, delivery method examples and timeframes


Transition Plan

[Add specific details applicable to transitions here]

Transition Activities

[Add specific details applicable to transitions here]

Travel and Other Direct Costs (ODC)

[Add specific details applicable here]

Terms and Conditions

Type of Contract

Also DOWNLOAD the Performance Work Statement (PWS) Template for sample language for types of contract language

Period of Performance (POP)

[Add specific details applicable here]

Sample Language for POP

“The Period of Performance (POP) includes a base period of 3 month, with 5 additional option periods, each 3 months in duration. Further, a contingency of up to 6 months may be exercised . The POP is expected to begin within 10 calendar days after award.”

Place of Performance

[Add specific details applicable here]

Contract Administration

[Add specific details applicable here]

Payment and Invoicing Procedures

Content of Invoice

[Add specific details applicable here]

Final Invoice

[Add specific details applicable here]

Close-out Procedures

[Add specific details applicable here]

DOWNLOAD the Task Order Template for additional resources including pricing templates

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